30 High Puff Hair Styles For Black Women – 2023.

In this Story, We’re telling about 30 unique and beautiful high-puff hairstyles that black women love.

The Classic High Puff: Timeless, elegant, and always in fashion. Secure your natural hair at the crown with an elastic band for this classic look.

Classic High Puff

Embrace the youthful charm with the Double High Puff! Split your hair into two sections and craft two high puffs for a playful, energetic look.

Double High Puff.

Maintain a high puff and release a few strands in the front as bangs to achieve a soft, romantic appearance.

High Puff with Bangs.

Elevate your high puff with an extra twist! Before securing your hair into a puff, introduce a few twists to infuse a Bohemian flair into your look.

High Puff with Twists.

Adding Bantu knots gives your high puff a cultural flair. Create a hairstyle that reflects African heritage by surrounding your puff with Bantu knots

High Puff with Bantu Knots.

Beads inject a fun, festive element that can transform an everyday look into a head party!

High Puff with Beaded Accessories

Maintain a high puff while keeping the sides slick and tapered. This sleek look is perfect for formal events or when you want to feel extra glamorous.

High Puff with Beaded Accessories

Not only does it look great, it also protects your hair from the elements.

High Puff with Headscarf

Free your curls with this fabulous style! Instead of taming them into a sleek puff, let your curls steal the spotlight for a genuinely natural and effortlessly chic look.

High Puff with Curls

Embrace the volume of your hair with the Giant High Puff. This showstopper will turn heads!

Giant High Puff

Combine the elegance of a fishtail braid with the sassiness of a high puff. This combination of contrasting textures and styles creates a sophisticated yet playful look.

High Puff with Fishtail Braid

Set your curls free with this style. Instead of controlling them into a smooth puff, allow the curls to flow freely for a fun and flirty vibe.

High Puff with Loose Curls

The Half-Up Half-Down High Puff is perfect when you're torn between leaving your hair down or pulling it up.

Half-Up Half-Down High Puff

Adding them brings a subtle sparkle and can swiftly upgrade your look from casual to chic.

High Puff with Decorative Hairpins

Why settle for letting your locks hang loose when you can twist them up into a fierce high puff? 

High Puff with Twisted Bangs

Dare to stand out with this edgy look perfect for those seeking something different from the classic style.

High Puff with a Crown Braid

Exuding elegance and beauty, the High Puff with a Crown Braid starts with braiding a regal crown section before gathering the remaining hair into a stylish high puff.

High Puff with a Long Side Braid

This style injects a playful element while maintaining the high puff's classiness.

Textured High Puff

To boost your high puff's volume and vibrancy, use natural hair products to define curls or style your hair with tools.

High Puff with a Headband

By adding a headband to your high puff, you achieve a neat hairstyle and introduce a stylish accessory, either complementing your outfit or making a bold statement with a contrasting color.

High Puff with Beads and Shells

Enhance your high puff hairstyle with cultural or bohemian flair.

High Puff with a Scarf

Enhance your high puff hairstyle with cultural or bohemian flair.

High Puff with a Faux Hawk

This style blends rebellion with classic sophistication, pairing a faux hawk's edgy appeal with a high puff's timeless elegance, featuring sleek sides and a voluminous central puff for an attention-grabbing look.

High Puff with a Halo Braid

This stunning hairstyle, enhanced with beautiful floral accessories, adds a touch of romance and is perfect for special occasions requiring extra glamour.

Mini High Puff

Don't worry if your hair is too short for a full high puff; the mini high puff is an adorable and effortless hairstyle perfect for any occasion, elevating your style game.

Tapered High Puff

A tapered high puff adds a captivating flair to your hair routine, featuring shorter sides that gradually increase in length towards the crown, creating a voluminous, chic, and edgy look for you to slay with.

High Puff with Finger Coils

Prepare for a game-changing style with the high puff featuring finger coils, enhancing your curls while adding sophistication to your fabulous look that's sure to turn heads!

High Puff with a Twist-Out

Showcase your natural hair texture with the exquisite high-puff twist, adding volume and captivating flair to turn heads.

High Puff with Bobby Pins

Bobby pins: versatile tools for stunning hairstyles. Arrange them creatively around your high puff for style and boldness.

Achieve added length for your hair without committing to a full ponytail by opting for a Long Ponytail Puff.

Long Ponytail Puff]

Long extensions have the potential to twist your high puff. By braiding your extensions first and then securing them into a high puff, you can infuse your look with added texture and length.

Braided High Puff with Long Extensions