41 Colored Hairstyles For Black Women – 2023.

“Hairstyles with vibrant colors for black women” offer an expansive canvas for creativity and self-expression.

These hairstyles, showcasing a spectrum of bold hues to delicate shades, defy traditional beauty norms and celebrate individuality.

They truly embrace the versatility of black hair, sparking a fearless and empowering style revolution.

Before You Dive in

Understand Your Skin Tone

Your skin’s undertone is crucial for choosing the right colors. Warm undertones with fiery shades like vibrant reds, energetic oranges, and shimmering gold go well.

Cool undertones complement serene blues, majestic purples, and refreshing greens.

Consider Your Lifestyle

Some colors require more maintenance than others. If you lead a busy lifestyle, choose easier-to-maintain colors.

Seek Professional Advice

Consult a professional hairstylist. They can provide expert guidance on what colors suit you and the best methods to achieve them.

Test with Temporary Dyes

Before making a permanent change, try your chosen color with a temporary dye or a wig. This will give you a feel of the paint without any long-term commitment.

Prepare Your Hair

Ensure your hair is in good condition before dyeing: Hydrate and deeply state it to safeguard it from potential damage.

Before exploring vibrant hair colors, keep these tips in mind:

  1. Get to know the unique texture and condition of your Hair. This valuable insight will guide you in selecting the perfect dyeing method and color that suits you.
  2. Elevate your overall look by choosing colors that effortlessly complement your skin tone. Let your true beauty shine!
  3. Seeking guidance from a professional colorist who understands the intricate art of dyeing black Hair is highly recommended. They’ll bring out the best in your locks!
  4. Vibrant colors can be intense on your Hair, so pampering it with a top-notch hair care routine is necessary. Treat yourself to color-safe shampoos and regular deep conditioning sessions for luscious locks that turn heads.
  5. Maintaining vibrant hair colors requires regular touch-ups to keep them looking fresh, fabulous, and full of life. Stay vibrant!

The most important thing is choosing a color you love and feel confident wearing!

40 Stunning Hairstyles with Vibrant Colors for Black Women.

1. Bright Copper Hair Color.

colored hairstyles for black women

Bright copper is a mesmerizing color that exudes warmth and radiance. It effortlessly combines shades of red and bronze, enhancing your skin’s luminosity and creating a captivating contrast with your natural hair color.

Embrace the brilliance and allow your Hair to radiate with vivacity and grace, making a striking, daring appearance that commands attention.

2. Multi-Color Highlights.

Screenshot 2023 09 23 012412

Multi-color highlights are a game-changer for those seeking a bold and daring look. This vibrant and unique style turns heads with its carefully blended hues, creating a striking visual impact.

It’s the perfect choice to express individuality and technique, giving Hair a captivating depth and dimension. Every strand comes alive with energy and life.

3. Blonde Hair.

Screenshot 2023 09 23 012821

Blonde highlights are a timeless and stylish choice for black Hair. They add a refreshing twist, creating a beautiful contrast and enhancing your overall appearance.

With a mix of light and dark tones, they give your locks depth and dimension, making a stunning visual impact.

The versatility of blonde highlights allows for a range of warm or cool, subtle or striking looks, perfect for enhancing your unique style.

4. Metallic Gray Hair.

Screenshot 2023 09 23 013618

Metallic gray Hair is a stunning and edgy trend that shines with silver and light gray tones, giving your Hair a sleek and modern vibe.

It offers a thrilling alternative to traditional hair colors, making a bold yet feminine statement. Embrace the unpredictability of this shade and watch your Hair shine with sophisticated silver!

5. Dark Roots and Bleached Blonde Hair

Screenshot 2023 09 23 014203

The combination of dark roots and bleached blonde Hair is a trendy and eye-catching style in the fashion world.

It creates a striking contrast, adding depth and a natural look with a seamless transition. This edgy and modern hairstyle brings drama and lightness, making your Hair the centre of attention.

With its versatility, you can express your unique style with curly, wavy, or straight Hair.

6. Sahara Yellow.

Screenshot 2023 09 23 014621

A bold and adventurous hair color inspired by the majestic desert. Reflecting golden sands and scorching sun, this vibrant shade brings warmth and captivates attention.

The unique yellow and orange tones can be customized to create a sunny or fiery look, making you stand out.

This is perfect for those who love bold colors and want to make a statement with their Hair.

7. The Brown Blend.

Screenshot 2023 09 23 015632

The Brown Blend is a stylish and versatile color choice that adds depth and volume to black Hair.

By combining different shades of brown, this multi-dimensional style can be customized to match your skin tone for a seamless and natural transition. Elevate your look with this fantastic hair trend.

8. Winter Colors.

Screenshot 2023 09 23 020050

A striking blend of plain blonde, dark copper, and shiny whites, meticulously crafted to capture the enchanting essence of the winter season.

This cool-toned palette evokes the serene beauty of snow-kissed landscapes, infusing your hair with a frosty touch that mirrors the glistening icicles hanging from rooftops.

Embrace this winter-inspired aesthetic and let your hair become a canvas that portrays the ethereal allure of the season.

It is ideal for those who long to embody winter’s enchanting beauty and captivating magic in their tresses.

9. Mermaid Braids.

Screenshot 2023 09 23 022113

Mermaid Braids capture the whimsical beauty and charm of classic braiding techniques. This hair trend features loose, flowing braids that evoke the free-spirited nature of mythical mermaids.

You can personalize their versatility with seashell accessories, ribbons, and flowers. This style works with different hair colors, adding enchantment.

Dive into the magic of Mermaid Braids and let your Hair embody the allure of the sea!

10. Purple with a touch of red.

Screenshot 2023 09 23 022855

Purple With A Hint Of Red is a bold and intriguing color choice combining purple’s royal vibrancy with red.

Paired with black Hair, it creates a dramatic and mysterious look, perfect for those fearless in their fashion choices and seeking to express their individuality.

11. Cobalt Blue.

Screenshot 2023 09 23 035637

Cobalt Blue is a captivating shade that infuses your Black Hair with vibrancy and electricity. It’s a bold and audacious choice that demands attention, showcasing its intense blue tones.

This color gracefully enhances darker skin tones while evoking mystery and fascination.

12. Blue Highlight.

Screenshot 2023 09 23 035737

Teal Blue Highlights add a fresh and unique twist to black Hair. Combining blue and green hues creates a striking contrast and gives a playful and edgy look.

It’s an excellent option for adding color without fully dyeing your Hair.

13. Silky Pink.

Screenshot 2023 09 23 035854

Pink Tips are a fun and feminine option that adds color to your black Hair. This style involves dyeing only the ends of your Hair pink, creating a beautiful gradient effect. It’s a subtle look that adds a touch of whimsy and charm.

14. Merlot Hair.

Screenshot 2023 09 23 040000

Merlot Hair is all about the gorgeous deep red wine color! It’s a rich and sultry choice that adds depth and warmth to your black Hair.

The luxurious tones of merlot can bring a touch of sophistication and elegance, making it perfect for anyone seeking a refined and classy look.

15. Ginger Hair.

Screenshot 2023 09 23 040129

Ginger Hair is a vibrant and fiery option that brings color to your black Hair. This color has warm orange and red hues illuminating in the sunlight, creating an eye-catching and dynamic look.

It is a superb choice for individuals seeking to distinguish themselves from the masses.

16. Red Streak.

Screenshot 2023 09 23 040242

Red Streaks give you a bold and passionate look! The vibrant red and black combo creates a striking, dramatic, and stylish contrast.

It’s perfect for expressing your fiery personality and making a strong fashion statement.

17. Orange With Pinky Start.

Screenshot 2023 09 23 040417

Orange With A Pink Start creates a stunning blend of warm and vibrant colors that add a tropical twist to your black Hair.

This look starts with a burst of pink at the roots, gradually transitioning into a bright orange, creating a mesmerizing sunset effect.

18. Brown Rosegold Hair.

Screenshot 2023 09 23 040531

Brown Rose Gold is a chic and contemporary color blending rosy pink and soft brown hues. The result is a warm, luxurious shade that adds a touch of glamour to your black Hair.

This is an excellent choice for those seeking a stylish and sophisticated look.

19. Purple Hair.

Screenshot 2023 09 23 040654

Purple Hair is a bold and vibrant color choice that can completely transform your black Hair. The royal hue of purple can create a magical and mystical vibe, making it a perfect choice for those who want to showcase their individuality and creativity.

20. Purple Streaks.

Screenshot 2023 09 23 040800

Purple streaks can bring a playful and fun touch to your black Hair! They create a beautiful contrast against the dark base, adding a hint of color without overpowering your overall look.

It’s a great way to experiment with color while keeping the integrity of your black hair intact.

21. Cofee Top With Chocolate Hair.

Screenshot 2023 09 23 040919

Coffee Topped with Chocolate is a delightful blend of deep brown hues miming a cup of mocha’s warm, comforting feel.

This color combination adds depth to black Hair, creating a rich and inviting aesthetic that’s incredibly flattering.

22. Blonde Bolts Hair.

Screenshot 2023 09 23 041023

Blonde Bolts provide a striking contrast to black Hair. These bold, lightning-like streaks of blonde can instantly light up your look, adding an edgy and fashion-forward touch.

23. Aquamarine Hair.

Screenshot 2023 09 23 041114

Aquamarine Dipped offers a fresh and refreshing take on black Hair. This style involves dipping the ends of your Hair in a beautiful aquamarine shade, which creates an enchanting, mermaid-like effect.

24. Bleached Blonde.

Screenshot 2023 09 23 041234

Bleached Blonde transforms your Black Hair with a bold and bright blonde shade. This complete color change offers a dramatic look and allows you to make a strong fashion statement.

25. Jet Black Hair.

Screenshot 2023 09 23 041338

Jet Black is a classic color option for those who love the intensity and depth of pure black. This shade enhances the shine and sleekness of your Hair, adding a touch of sophistication to your overall look.

26. Winter Bronde.

Screenshot 2023 09 23 041436

Winter Bronde is a beautiful blend of brown and blonde that mimics the colors of winter. This unique shade adds a touch of coolness to your black hair, giving it a chic and modern update.

27. Red Highlights.

Screenshot 2023 09 23 041559

Full Red Highlights can create a fiery and passionate look for your black Hair. These vibrant red streaks can add warmth and dimension, making your Hair stand out in any crowd.

28. Champagne Hair.

Screenshot 2023 09 23 041709

Bottomless Champagne is a luxurious and elegant color that blends soft, golden hues. This color can add a touch of glamour to your black Hair, making it perfect for those seeking a sophisticated and stylish look.

29. Toni Topazz.

Screenshot 2023 09 23 041816

The Toni Topaz is inspired by the character from “Riverdale” and is characterized by its bold purple shade.

This color is perfect for those who want to express their individuality and creativity, adding a bold and vibrant touch to black Hair.

30. Goldilocks.

Screenshot 2023 09 23 042015

Goldilocks transforms your black Hair with dazzling golden hues that shine under the sun. This color creates a stunning contrast against black Hair, giving you a radiant and cheerful look.

31. Autumn Fall.

Screenshot 2023 09 23 042148

Autumn Fall is inspired by the beautiful colors of fall. It adds warm, rich red, orange, and brown hues, creating a mesmerizing effect that makes your Hair look like a cascading autumn leaf.

32. Amazonite hair.

Screenshot 2023 09 23 042304

Amazonite is a unique shade inspired by the mesmerizing blue-green colors of the Amazonite gemstone.

This color adds a mystique to your Hair, making it perfect for those who want to make a bold fashion statement.

33. Moonlight Silver Hair.

Screenshot 2023 09 23 042407

Moonlight Silver is a soft, silvery shade that gives your black Hair a cool, metallic glow. This color adds a touch of sophistication and grace, making it perfect for those who want a chic and modern look.

34. Honey Dipped.

Screenshot 2023 09 23 042522

Honey Dipped Tips involves dipping the ends of your Hair in a lovely honey-colored hue. This style creates a beautiful contrast against black Hair, adding warmth and depth to your overall appearance.

35. Sunset Blaze.

Screenshot 2023 09 23 042625

Sunset Blaze captures the beautiful colors of the setting sun. It involves adding vibrant orange, red, and pink hues, creating a fiery and passionate look that will turn heads.

36. Lavender Lust Hair.

Screenshot 2023 09 23 042807

Lavender Lust transforms your Black Hair with a beautiful lavender shade. This color adds a touch of whimsy and creativity, making it perfect for those who want to express their individuality.

37. Caramel Hair.

Screenshot 2023 09 23 042924

Caramel Swirl involves adding swirling hues of soft, creamy caramel to your black Hair. This color adds warmth and depth, making it perfect for those who want a sweet and sophisticated look.

38. Emerald Hair.

Screenshot 2023 09 23 043032

Emerald Embrace infuses your Hair with an emerald gemstone’s deep, rich green hue. This color brings out an earthy and vibrant feel, perfect for those who love to stay connected with nature and radiate an alluring charm.

39. Rose Quartz Twist.

Screenshot 2023 09 23 043157

Rose Quartz Twists incorporate the soft, soothing pink of the rose quartz crystal into your Hair.

This color adds a feminine and romantic touch, making it ideal for those who want to express their sweet and gentle nature.

40. Blackberry Hair.

Screenshot 2023 09 23 043314

Blackberry Burst introduces the deep, purple-black shade of ripe blackberries to your hair. This color injects a dose of boldness and mystery, making it a stunning choice for those who want to make a daring and dramatic statement.

41. Grey Finishing.

Colored Hairstyles For Black Women

This grey finishing colored hairstyle provides a glossy look when you are at a party event. You can play with your silky hair in a ponytail, one-sided or two-sided, The hair never be damaged.

Highlight Popular, Vibrant Hair Color Trends.

Regarding vibrant hair color trends, a few stand out due to their popularity among fashion-forward individuals.

Bright Copper Hair is a warm, fiery hue that instantly draws attention and works particularly well for darker skin tones.

Metallic Gray Hair has stormed onto the scene, offering a unique, modern twist on traditional hair colors. This shade exudes a futuristic vibe and is surprisingly versatile.

Mermaid Hair is a mix of blues, greens, and purples that mimic the colors of the ocean. This whimsical look is perfect for bold people expressing their creativity and standing out.

Rose Quartz Twists blend soft pinks and purples to create a hair color reminiscent of the famous crystal, offering a delicate yet vibrant look.

Electric Blue Hair is bold and edgy, perfect for those wanting to make a statement. This color looks best on darker Hair, adding dimension and depth.

Experimenting with different shades can be an exciting way to express yourself.


Colored hairstyles offer black women a realm of self-expression and style. The variety of available colors is astounding, ranging from warm hues like Bright Copper to cooler tones like Metallic Gray.

Craving a daring statement? Dive into the depths of Electric Blue. Feeling artistic? Embark on a whimsical journey with Mermaid Hair, a delightful blend of colors. For a gentle, romantic ambiance, embrace the enchanting Rose Quartz Twists.

Each color selection presents an opportunity to metamorphose your appearance and showcase your unique identity and unwavering confidence. So indulge yourself, embrace the joy, and flaunt your fabulous colored hairstyle with pride!

Frequently Asked Questions

What hair color looks best on black women?

Black women can rock any hair color with the right shade and confidence. However, warm hues like Bright Copper, Deep Caramel, and Blackberry Burst tend to complement the richness of their skin tone beautifully.

What hair color suits black skin?

Black skin pairs well with many hair colors, but in general, warmer tones like golden browns, rich auburn, and even copper hues tend to highlight the undertones of black skin most effectively.

Which color of Hair suits me?

Identifying the hair color that suits you the best depends on your skin’s undertone. Those with warm underwear look great in oranges, reds, and golden yellows. On the other hand, individuals with cool undertones can pull off blues, purples, and silvers. Neutral undertones have the luxury of experimenting with a broad spectrum of colors.

What hair color makes you look younger?

Lighter colors reflect light and soften your features, making you look younger. Shades like honey blondes, soft mocha, and golden chestnut brown can help provide this effect. Choosing a color that complements your skin tone and personality is always the best style.

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