15 Flat Iron Hairstyles For Medium Hair Black Girls – 2023

Here are more detailed instructions for popular flat iron hairstyles for medium hair on black girls: Divide hair into 1-inch wide sections from the top of the head down to the nape. Use a heat protectant spray on each section before flat ironing.

Starting at the roots, clamp the flat iron and slowly drag it down the length of the hair, keeping it as straight as possible.

Repeat each section until the head is flat ironed, sleek, and straight. For extra smoothness, flat iron each section 2-3 times. Finish with a lightweight hairspray or serum to tame flyaways.

How Do You Style Flat-Ironed Hair?

To style your flat iron hair? Follow these steps

Step 1: Prepare Your Hair

Start by washing and conditioning your hair thoroughly. Make sure it’s clean and free from any product build-up.

Opt for moisture-rich products to keep your hair hydrated and protect it from heat damage.

Step 2: Apply a Heat Protectant

Before using a flat iron, apply a heat protectant to your hair. This creates a barrier between your hair and the heat, minimizing the risk of damage.

Step 3: Section Your Hair

Divide your hair into manageable sections. This ensures even heat distribution and makes styling easier. Begin at the back of your head and work towards the front.

Step 4: Start Flat Ironing

Take one section of hair and glide the flat iron gently from root to tip. Avoid staying in one spot for too long to prevent heat damage. Repeat this process for all sections until your hair is straightened.

Step 5: Add Volume

For extra volume, lightly tease the roots of your hair with a comb. This lifts the hair at the roots, creating a fuller look.

Step 6: Apply a Finishing Product

Once you achieve your desired flat-ironed style, apply a finishing product such as shine serum, hairspray, or oil. This adds shine and helps your hairstyle last throughout the day.

Step 7: Maintain Your Style

To maintain your flat-ironed hair, wrap it in a silk or satin scarf at night. This prevents friction and helps retain moisture.

Remember, excessive heat can damage your hair over time, so give it a break from the flat iron occasionally. Use deep conditioning treatments and moisturize your hair to maintain health.

How Often Should A Black Girl Flat Iron Her Hair?

Caring for the crown of coils is a delicate dance, and deciding how often a black girl should flat iron her hair is like choosing the rhythm that best suits her unique melody.

It’s a balance between the desire for sleek elegance and the love for those natural curls that define her essence.

Consider the flat iron a magical wand capable of transforming kinks into silk. Yet, with great power comes great responsibility. Too frequent a spell and the enchantment may wane, leaving strands weary and tired.

So, let it be a celebration, a special moment where the curls willingly surrender to the allure of straightness.

Once in a while, let the flat iron weave its magic, turning coils into cascading strands that catch the light like a thousand stars.

1. Faux Bob

Faux Bob

Work in sections, flat ironing pieces around the face and front of the hairline down and flipping the ends under sharply.

This creates the illusion of a bob without cutting the hair. Flat iron sections along the nape area, flipping ends under and slightly forward for a polished look.

Finish by running your fingers through your hair to soften the look. Add hairspray or serum to hold the style in place all day.

2. Charlotte Hair

Charlotte Hair

Charlotte’s hair is a trendy medium flat iron hairstyle for Black girls. It consists of long, smooth layers with gently flipped-out ends.

This style adds volume and movement to medium-length hair while keeping a polished and elegant appearance. You can wear Charlotte’s hair straight or curled for various occasions.

3. Freshly Relax With a Cut

Freshly Relax With a Cut

The medium flat iron hairstyle is stylish for Black girls with relaxed hair. It involves straightening the hair with a flat iron and adding layers for volume and texture.

This cut keeps split ends in check and offers a simple and chic look.

4. Greeny Bob

Greeny Bob

Greeny Bob is a super stylish and modern medium hairstyle for Black girls! This amazing style features a blunt cut with layers to add texture and movement.

You can straighten it for a sleek look or create loose waves for a casual vibe.

5. Red Hair Dye

Red Hair Dye

Red hair dye is amazing for bringing out the warmth in your skin tone and making your hair pop! You can go for a single shade of red or mix it up with multiple shades for a unique look.

Don’t forget to use a heat protectant when flat ironing colored hair to keep it healthy and vibrant.

6. Layered Look

Layered Look

Start flat ironing from the crown, pressing the iron down at a slight outward angle rather than straight down.

This adds movement and dimension without frizz. Work in 1-inch sections, taking hair from roots to ends.

For the sides, angle pieces out and away from the face. Curl the ends of each section slightly under rather than holding them perfectly straight.

Lightly backcomb the roots for added volume before flat ironing smooth.

7. Side Swept Waves

Side Swept Waves

Use a 1-inch wide tooth comb to loosely backcomb hair on one side from the temple to the crown. Flat iron smoothed pieces on that side going away from the face.

On the other side, curl the flat iron under slightly on an angle as you press to create subtle waves as it cools. Finish with a flexible hold hairspray to set the style.

8. Beach Waves

Beach Waves

Divide hair into horizontal sections and flat iron each one, curling the iron gently and not pulling it taut.

Let the iron lift and allow relaxed waves to form naturally as it cools rather than shaping tight curls.

Work through all sections and scrunch hair with your fingers once cool for a lived-in beachy wave look. Finish with a light texturizing spray.

9. Silk Press

Silk Press

Silk press is a popular flat iron technique for Black girls with medium-length hair. Heat and tension create a smooth, straight look without chemicals.

This method helps maintain the hair’s natural texture while achieving a sleek, polished look.

Regular deep conditioning treatments are essential when getting silk pressed to keep your hair healthy and prevent heat damage.

10. Candy Curls

Candy Curls

Candy curls are a cute and fun flat iron hairstyle for Black girls with medium hair. This style involves using a small-barrel curling iron to create tight, bouncy curls all over the head.

It’s perfect for adding volume and creating a playful look. You can also add some colorful hair accessories to enhance the candy-inspired vibe.

11. Miami Hairstyles

Miami Hairstyles

Miami hairstyles are all about glamour and shine. You can achieve the classic “beachy waves” look for medium-length hair by using a flat iron to create loose curls and gently combing them with your fingers for a tousled effect.

Another option is straightening your hair with a flat iron and adding layers to create volume and movement. Finally, finish your style with a shine serum or spray for that Miami-worthy glow.

12. Shiny Hair

Shiny Hair

This is particularly helpful for Black girls as it addresses dryness and dullness, common concerns with textured hair.

For a glossy look, apply a heat protectant before flat ironing and finish with a light mist of hairspray or serum.

13. Deep Side Part

Deep Side Part

Create a dramatic side part with a rat tail comb, ensuring it’s straight and deep. Flat iron hair in smooth polished sections on one side away from the face.

On the other side, flat iron is loosely in sections, allowing a little more natural movement and bending at the ends.

Finish with a medium hold hairspray applied sparingly so as not to weigh hair down.

14. Twisted Flat Hair

Twisted Flat Hair

Twisted flat hair is a creative and unique hairstyle for Black girls with medium-length hair. It involves sectioning the hair, twisting each section, and flat ironing the twists for a sleek, twisted look.

This style adds texture and dimension while maintaining an elegant and polished appearance.

15. Alipearl


Alipearlhair is a brand that provides high-quality hair extensions and wigs for Black girls with medium-length hair.

Their versatile, affordable products come in various textures and styles to match your desired look.

Is It OK To Put Oil in Hair Before Straightening?

No, applying oil to your hair is not recommended before using a flat iron or other heat-styling tools.

Oil can conduct heat, making your hair more prone to damage. Straightening oiled hair can fry the strands, causing dryness, breakage, and split ends.

Some oils have a low smoke point, which means they can smoke and degrade when exposed to high temperatures, potentially releasing harmful fumes.

Instead, use a heat protectant spray specifically made for heat styling. These products create a barrier between your hair and the heat, reducing the risk of damage.

Ensure your hair is dry before straightening it because wet hair is also more susceptible to heat damage.


Flat iron hairstyles for medium-length hair in Black girls offer versatility and elegance.

Use proper techniques, heat protection, and hair care to maintain these styles. Healthy hair is key to sustaining these looks while celebrating the beauty of natural hair. Embrace the creativity and confidence of these hairstyles, expressing your unique style and personality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I safely flat iron my medium-length natural hair, and what precautions should I take?

Yes, you can flat iron medium-length natural hair safely. To protect your hair, use a heat protectant spray before flat ironing, set your iron to a moderate temperature (around 300-350°F), and avoid excessive heat exposure. Ensure your hair is adequately moisturized and deep-conditioned to prevent heat damage.

How do I achieve a sleek and smooth look when flat ironing my medium-length hair?

Start with clean, dry hair to achieve a sleek and smooth look. Section your hair into manageable portions, and run the flat iron down each section slowly and smoothly. Comb each section before flat ironing to ensure even heat distribution and minimize frizz.

Can I create different styles with a flat iron on medium-length hair?

Absolutely! A flat iron offers versatility for medium-length hair. You can create sleek and straight styles and gentle waves or even add subtle curls by twisting the iron as you glide it down your hair. Experiment with various techniques to achieve your desired look.

How long do flat-ironed hairstyles typically last, and how can I prolong them?

Flat-ironed hairstyles can last several days to a week, depending on your hair type and maintenance. To prolong your style, use a silk or satin pillowcase to minimize friction, and apply a light-holding product to keep your hair in place without making it stiff. Avoid excess humidity to prevent frizz.

Are there specific products or tools recommended for maintaining flat ironed styles on medium-length Black hair?

Use hair serums or anti-frizz products to maintain a sleek style. A quality flat iron with ceramic plates is also beneficial. Regular deep conditioning and moisturizing are essential to keep your hair healthy and maintain the style’s longevity.

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