35 Latest Braids With Curly Ends | 2024

Braiding techniques are always changing, and new styles are becoming popular. One trendy style right now is braids with curly ends.

This protective hairstyle involves braiding the hair and exposing 1-2 inches of curled ends. It adds extra flair and movement compared to regular straight braids.

Braids with curly ends have become a top-requested style with their versatility and definition-enhancing benefits for curly hair.

We have curated a selection of the trendiest braided hairstyles that will make you shine among the masses.

What Braid is Best for Curls?

One popular and effective option for achieving curls with braids is the “box braid” hairstyle. Box braids are a stylish and versatile choice and a great method for achieving beautiful curls.

The process involves braiding your hair into small, square-shaped sections, hence the name “box” braids.

These braids can be created using synthetic or natural hair extensions, and the length and thickness can be customized based on your preferences.

To achieve curls with box braids, follow these steps:

  1. Prepare your hair: Ensure that your hair is clean, moisturized, and detangled before braiding. This will contribute to your hair’s overall health and improve the style’s longevity.
  2. Section your hair: Divide your hair into small, square sections. The size of the sections will determine the size of your curls, so choose accordingly.
  3. Braid your hair: Begin braiding each section from the roots to the tips. You can use the traditional three-strand braid technique or experiment with more intricate styles.
  4. Add extensions (optional): If you want to add length or thickness to your natural hair, you can incorporate synthetic or natural hair extensions into each braid.
  5. Seal the ends: Secure the ends of the braids using rubber bands or by dipping them in hot water to prevent unraveling.
  6. Wait for the curls: The longer you keep the braids in, the tighter the curls will be. Leaving them in for several hours or overnight will give you well-defined curls.
  7. Take down the braids: Carefully remove the rubber bands or cut the sealed ends. Unravel each braid gently to reveal your beautiful curls.

1. Braided Ponytail Curl

Screenshot 2023 09 18 035447

Achieve a timeless style that suits any occasion with this classic look. Begin by loosely braiding your hair at the nape of your neck securing it with a hairband.

Then, delicately curl the tips of each braid using a curling iron to create soft, elegant curls.

2. Knotless Braids With Curls.

Screenshot 2023 09 18 035628

Try something new with this chic updo perfect for a night out. Secure your hair into two ponytails at the nape of your neck, then start knotless braiding, alternating between left and right sides.

3. Half Cornrows and Half Curls.

Screenshot 2023 09 18 035849

This style is a stunning blend of sophistication and edge, with tight cornrows on one half of the head and loose, curled hair on the other half.

It’s versatile and perfect for music festivals or formal occasions. The cornrows add ruggedness, while the curls add elegance. Daring and charming, this Half Cornrows and Half Curls style will turn heads.

4. Butterfly Braids With Curls.

Screenshot 2023 09 18 145839

This hairstyle combines two of the most popular trends: braids and curls! The butterfly braid is a unique twist on traditional box braids, and adding curly ends adds an extra layer of dimension to your look.

5. Glamorous Braids With Curls.

Screenshot 2023 09 18 140907

This style seamlessly blends the intricate detail of braids with the soft femininity of curls, creating a delightful fusion of both worlds.

Whether you’re preparing for a glamorous night out or a special occasion, these exquisite braids can elevate your look to new heights, leaving you feeling confident and radiant.

6. Half Up Half Down braids.

Screenshot 2023 09 18 141114

The braided top keeps your hair neat and in place, while the loose bottom adds a touch of relaxed elegance. This hairstyle can easily take you from the daytime into the night.

7. Coppery Brown Braids Curls.

Screenshot 2023 09 18 141410

This hairstyle adds richness and depth and creates a stunning harmony between your hair and skin tone.

8. Fewer Braids.

Screenshot 2023 09 18 141552

This hairstyle plays with contrasts to create a stunningly modern look. The top section is tightly braided, creating a sleek, controlled aesthetic. The bottom is left loose and separated, adding a dose of playful whimsy.

9. Tight Top Siparaled bottom.

Screenshot 2023 09 18 141735 1

This intricate style creates dramatic curves at the top and ends with loose strands cascading down below. It’s ideal for making a lasting impression on any occasion.

10. Bohemia Braids Lightbrown.

Screenshot 2023 09 18 141929

This unique style combines elements of bohemia and braids to create a carefree yet elegant look.

11. Medium box braids with curls.

Screenshot 2023 09 18 142114

Its medium length grants you the freedom to rock this versatile hairstyle on any occasion, whether a laid-back outing or a glamorous formal event. Get ready to turn heads and steal the spotlight!

12. Golden Braided Styles.

Screenshot 2023 09 18 142254

The brilliant golden hue imbues an element of luxury and sophistication, while the intricately braided pattern showcases your unique style.

13. Long Braids With Curls.

Screenshot 2023 09 18 142452

The light brown shade adds a touch of warmth, while the cascading curls evoke a sense of romance.

14. Micro Braid And Omber Weave.

Screenshot 2023 09 18 142907

It creates intricate patterns contrasted beautifully against an ombre weave’s gradient shades. It’s a favorite pick for those looking to add a contemporary twist to their style.

15. Sleek braids with curls.

Screenshot 2023 09 18 143023

This gorgeous style adds structure to your hair and highlights your features gracefully – perfect for day-to-day wear or special occasions!

16. Inverted Braid.

Screenshot 2023 09 18 143310

This style features braids crafted underneath the hair instead of over it, creating an attractive ‘popping’ effect.

17. Crochet Bob Curls.

Screenshot 2023 09 18 143451

It’s the ultimate choice for those who crave an effortlessly chic hairstyle that demands minimal effort.

18. Cornrows Braids With Curls.

Screenshot 2023 09 18 143647

The cornrow braids add a touch of cultural sophistication, while the loose curls at the ends add a flirtatious charm. This hairstyle is perfect for those who love to mix classic and contemporary styles.

19. Chick Braids.

Screenshot 2023 09 18 143808

The Chick Braids are ideal for those seeking a hairstyle that combines elegance with a touch of audacity.

20. Long Thick Braid With Spirals.

Screenshot 2023 09 18 143941

This stunning style features a thick, lengthy braid adorned with spiraling curls, creating a regal and enchanting look.

21. Layered Bob.

Screenshot 2023 09 18 144116

The Layered Bob offers a stylish and modern look. Its layered cut adds volume and depth, framing the face beautifully.

22. Shot Curly Bob.

Screenshot 2023 09 18 144245

The Shot Curly Bob captures an energetic vibe with its charming curls neatly cut into a bob. This low-maintenance hairstyle is perfect for those who wish to add a lively touch of style to their everyday look.

23. Dutch Braids.

Screenshot 2023 09 18 144406

The Dutch Braids showcase a classic braiding technique with a three-dimensional effect.

24. Fishtail Braids.

Screenshot 2023 09 18 144656

The intricate intertwining of the hair resembles a fish’s elegant tail, exuding a unique and captivating charm.

25. Micro Braids With Ringlet.

Screenshot 2023 09 18 144806

Step into a world of detailed beauty with the Micro Braids with Ringlet. This style features intricate micro braids and soft ringlets, creating a striking combination of structure and softness. It’s ideal for those who love intricate detailing and a touch of elegance.

26. Rope Braids With Curls.

Screenshot 2023 09 18 144929

It brings a playful vibe, perfect for those who want a youthful and energetic look in their hairstyles.

27. Boho Braids.

Screenshot 2023 09 18 145122

This easygoing style perfectly embraces the boho-chic trend, making it an excellent choice for any casual occasion.

28. Marley Braids with Bouncy Curls.

Screenshot 2023 09 18 145544

Marley Braids with Bouncy Curls combines structured Marley braids with loose, bouncy curls.

29. Ladder Braids.

Screenshot 2023 09 18 150111

Ladder Braids offer a unique styling approach, interlacing hair strands to form ladder-like structures.

Braiding in this style offers a creative means of showcasing your hair, particularly suited for those who enjoy experimenting with distinctive and eye-catching hairstyles.

30. Tree Braid.

Screenshot 2023 09 18 150451

This method involves braiding small sections of hair, leaving most of the hair free-flowing, to mimic the beautiful sprawling branches of a tree.

31. Braided Bun With Curly Hair.

Screenshot 2023 09 18 150810

The Braided Bun With Curly Hair combines an updo’s elegance with curly hair’s charm.

This style offers a refined look that’s suitable for formal events or occasions where you want to make a sophisticated impression.

32. Zipper Braid.

Screenshot 2023 09 18 151023

The Zipper Braid showcases a complex and distinctive braiding technique that resembles a zipper.

33. Snake Braids With Curly End.

Screenshot 2023 09 18 151417

Snake Braids With Curly End offers a fascinating fusion of braids and curls. The hair is styled in sleek braids simulating a snake-like pattern that seamlessly transitions into flowing curls at the ends.

34. Heart Braids.

Screenshot 2023 09 18 151651

Heart Braids are a cute and romantic hairstyle option. They entail braiding the hair into a heart shape, making this style perfect for any occasion where you want to convey love and sweetness.

35. Ringlet.

Screenshot 2023 09 18 151841

The Ringlet Braid style combines intricate braiding with ringlet curls. This style has a delicate and elegant look that is perfect for those who appreciate detailed and sophisticated hairstyles.

History And Popularity.

Various cultures have long used braiding as a practical hair-organizing method. However, styling braids with curled ends is a more recent trend.

It built momentum on social media in 2020 amongst the curly girl community looking for protective styles.

Celebrities and influencers like Yara Shahidi and Tracee Ellis Ross further popularised the look. Salons began offering it as a specialty protective style option within a year.

Its blend of braids and curls satisfies both protective goals and curly hair’s desire for volume and movement.

Styling Options.

Braids with curly ends are most commonly done with traditional halter braids, french braids, or cornrows styled all over.

However, stylists now experiment with patterns like knotless, loose, and rope braids with similar curly accents.

The hair is braided almost to the ends, and the bottom portion is curled and pinned up or curled underneath to add dimension.

Depending on the desired look, the curly ends can be pointed, zig-zagged, or circular.

Braiding Techniques.

Halter Braids: Thin strands are braided back tightly from the forehead and secured at the nape. The ends are left out to curl.

French Braids: Hair is sectioned on either side and braided from the front backward, incorporating small hair pieces. Ends stay loose.

Cornrows: Hair is parted into thin rows and then braided back smoothly against the scalp. Bottom curled pieces stick out.

Rope Braids: Thick strands are braided loosely, giving a chunkier bohemian look with curly flyaways.

Knotless Braids: Strands are wrapped around each other without knots for a seamless look, accentuated by spiral curled pieces.

Effect on Curly Hair Types.

Braids with curled ends have become popular for curly textures ranging from loose waves to tight coils, looking for definition without excessive manipulation.

Wavy Hair: The braids help tame frizz, while curls at the ends define natural waves into beachy strands.

Loose Curls: Curling the bottom pieces enhances looser curls into bouncy ringlets without frizzing them out.

Tight Coils: Small sections mean coils spring up gorgeously without manipulation, keeping them moisturized inside braids.

Mixed Textures: The style flatters both patterns together in one hairdo, whether looser at the top or tighter at the ends.

Styling Products.

  • To achieve defined curly ends, stylists reach for specific curl-enhancing products –
  • Leave-in Conditioners tame frizz and seal in moisture inside braids.
  • Defining gels like Eco Styler or Lottabody helps twists and coils hold their shape without crunching.
  • Mousses add volume to loose waves and curls without weighing them down.
  • Oil serums like Argan or Moroccan keep flyaways sleek and shine-enhanced.
  • Edge Controls slick baby hairs and keeps curled tops in place like Pomades.
  • Combining the right products custom-tailored to each curl pattern is key.


  • With proper care, braids with curled ends can last 2-4 weeks.
  • Refresh monthly with mild shampoo to cleanse the scalp.
  • Spritz braids with water and re-coil ends weekly for definition.
  • Seal with oil to prevent unraveling and flyaways between refreshes.
  • Avoid swimming, sweating excessively, or direct heat/tension on braids.
  • Loosen tight braids carefully without disrupting curls underneath.
  • Retie or rebraid loose areas but avoid over-manipulation of curls.

This protective style enhances curls with lower maintenance than other curly hairstyles.

Its versatility appeals to different curl patterns and personalities alike seeking short-term definition.

Style Variations

As the trend evolves, new hybrid styles emerge, with braids anchored to curled bases.

Some popular updates include:

Braided Ponytails: Braids gathered into a high ponytail or bun with curled edges flowing freely.

Braided Updos: Braids twisted or wrapped intricately atop the head adorned by ringlet accents.

Braided Lobs: Braids are incorporated into shoulder-grazing curly bobs for a chic layered look.

Braided Parts: Thin braided sections separate areas of curled hair along the scalp line.

Braided Topknots: Braids looped or knotted atop the head finished with spiral curled pieces hanging down.


Braids with curled ends have quickly become a go-to hairstyle among those embracing their curls.

This versatile protective look flatters diverse textures by using braids to lock in moisture and definition without daily manipulation and surfacing curly accent ends. Regular maintenance keeps styles intact for weeks while enhancing natural coils.

As creativity inspires new renditions, braided styles anchored by curled details are set to stay in ongoing popularity.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What are the latest braids with curly ends, and why are they famous?

The latest braids with curly ends combine traditional braiding techniques with the addition of curly extensions at the ends. They are popular because they add a unique and playful twist to classic braided hairstyles, offering a trendy and eye-catching look.

Can I get braids with curly ends on short hair?

Yes, braids with curly ends can be achieved on short hair, provided there is enough length to braid. When adorned with these braids and curly extensions, short hair can create a chic appearance.

How do I care for braids with curly ends to maintain their appearance and longevity?

Keep your scalp moisturized and clean to care for braids with curly ends. Use a leave-in conditioner or hair oil to hydrate the braids and extensions. Avoid excessive pulling or tension on the curly ends to prevent damage and frizz.

Can I style braids with curly ends in different ways?

Yes, braids with curly ends are versatile. You can style them in various ways, including updos, half-up, half-down styles, or ponytails. You can also add hair accessories for a unique touch or change the position of the curly ends to create different looks.

How long can I keep braids with curly ends in my hair?

The duration of braids with curly ends depends on factors like hair growth and maintenance. Typically, you can keep them for 6 to 8 weeks. However, it’s essential to monitor your hair’s health and consider removing it if you notice signs of breakage or stress on your natural hair.

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