What Hair To Use For Bohemian Goddess Box Braids? (Detailed Guide) – 2023

Good options include Human Hair, Synthetic Hair, kanekalon Hair, or toyokalon Hair with a loose wave or soft curl pattern. These will give the box braids movement and a boho, beachy look.

Can You Use Your Hair for Box Braids?

The average person with shoulder-length natural Hair wanting mid-back length box braids will need 3-4 standard packs of braiding Hair. But also, It depends on a few factors:

Hair Length

The longer you want the box braids, the more Hair you need. Short shoulder-length braids may only require 1-2 packs.

Mid-back length braids usually need 3-5 packs. Extra long waist-length braids can require six or more packs of Hair.

Hair Thickness  

You must buy more Hair if you want thicker, more voluminous box braids. Thin, less noticeable braids may only require 1-3 packs, while thick jumbo braids need at least 5-6 packs.

Your Natural Hair 

If you have very short natural Hair, you will require more braiding Hair to achieve your desired length. Those with longer natural Hair won’t need as much added Hair. 

Hair Type

The curlier the Hair, the more you need per pack. Curly Hair takes up more volume than straight, smooth Hair. Adjust the amount as needed.

Your Stylist

An experienced stylist who fully maximizes each pack of Hair may need fewer packs than a less skilled braider. 

But evaluate your specific hair goals, thickness desires, and styling skill level to determine exactly how many jumbo, standard, or small packs of braiding Hair you need to buy before getting box braids put in.

What is the Difference Between Goddess Braids and Box Braids?

Goddess braids focus on an effortless, boho look using waves and curls, while box braids use straight or lightly crimped Hair in an organized, grid-like pattern. So, Here are the differences

Goddess Braids

Goddess Braids
  • Goddess braids are a bohemian, beach-inspired braided look meant to look effortless and free-flowing.
  • They utilize loose, wavy synthetic hair extensions braided into larger cornrows going straight back.
  • The braids incorporate Hair that is curled or crimped to achieve a textured, wispy look.
  • Goddess braids use bigger braids than box braids, usually in larger zig-zag or straight-back patterns.
  • There is intentionally more Hair left out of the braids to frame the face.
  • The ends are often left naturally curly or waved. Or decorative cuffs, cowry shells, or beads are added.
  • Great for a low-maintenance vacation or summer festival style.

Box Braids

Box Braids
  • Box braids are meant to look uniform and structured with precise, clean parts.
  • They utilize straight or lightly waved synthetic hair extensions.
  • The braiding pattern includes defined squares and straight lines.
  • Smaller braids are done evenly from root to tip.
  • All Hair is contained within the braids for neat scalp visibility.
  • Decorative accessories are optional.
  • Box braids allow Hair to grow under protective styling.
  • It takes longer to install than goddess braids but lasts 6-8 weeks.

What Do You Put on Your Hair Before Braiding It?

It’s important to properly prep your Hair before braiding to help the braids last longer and prevent breakage or damage to your natural Hair. 

Start with Clean Hair

Shampoo and condition your hair thoroughly for 1-2 days before getting braids. This allows your scalp and strands to balance moisture levels. Braiding on clean Hair also minimizes buildup and flakes.

Deep Condition

Use a hydrating hair mask or deep conditioner after shampooing. This infuses moisture deep into the hair cuticle and helps protect it during braiding. Focus conditioner mid-length down to the ends. 

Blow Dry 

Make sure your natural Hair is completely dry before braiding. Use a blow dryer in a low heat setting.

Air drying can cause mildew or odor. Drying your Hair straightens strands to make braiding easier as well.

Products to Apply Pre-Braiding

The right products will help facilitate braiding and prevent frizz and scalp dryness. They also protect the integrity of your natural Hair for braid removal later.

Leave-In Conditioner  

Apply a leave-in cream or spray, focusing on your ends after blow drying. This offers heat protection and lubricates strands for braiding.

Hair Oil

Rub some argan, coconut, or castor oil through your Hair. This helps nourish and moisturize Hair while braided up. Oils also smooth cuticles for less friction and add a healthy shine.

Edge Control

Use edge control gel or styling cream for your hairline and baby hair. This lets braiders create clean parts and prevents flyaways and frizz around your edges and perimeter. 

Scalp Protector

Consider a protective serum or oil on your scalp to prevent dryness or itching while wearing braids. Look for soothing ingredients like tea tree, aloe vera, peppermint, or coconut oil.

You are prepping your Hair properly before braiding can achieve long-lasting, neat braids that prevent breakage and hair damage upon takedown.

What Hairpiece is Used for Goddess Braids?

The most common and suitable hairpiece to achieve goddess braids is synthetic kanekalon braiding hair or remy/virgin human hair.

Goddess braids are a popular protective hairstyle on black women’s natural Hair. The braided hair extensions used to create the goddess braids can come from a variety of sources:

Synthetic Hair

Synthetic hair

Synthetic braiding Hair is often used for goddess braids as it is an affordable option. The synthetic fibers are designed to emulate black hair textures and styles.

Common types of synthetic Hair used include kanekalon and toyokalon hair. Synthetic braids tend to hold up well but may appear shiny or fake-looking.

Human Hair

Human Hair

Remy or virgin human Hair is considered the best and most natural option for goddess braids. High-quality human Hair blends seamlessly with natural Hair and allows heat styling.

It is more expensive than synthetic Hair, though. Popular types of human Hair used include Brazilian, Peruvian, Indian, and Mongolian Hair.

Pre-Stretched Braiding Hair

Pre-Stretched Braiding Hair

Many brands offer pre-stretched braiding Hair specifically designed for goddess faux locs. The Hair has already been processed to be straightened, detangled, and ready to install.

Using high-quality pre-stretched braiding Hair cuts down on installation time. Popular pre-stretched hair brands include Outre, Sensationnel, and Femi Collection.

Hair Cuffs/Beads

Hair Beads

Decorative accessories like metal cuffs and beads are commonly used in goddess braid hairstyles.

The cuffs and beads come in different sizes and shapes to customize the look. They slide onto the braided hair extensions during the braiding process.

Pre-stretched braiding Hair helps quicken the installation process. Hair beads and cuffs further accentuate the look.

The type of Hair used impacts factors like manageability, longevity, and price point in goddess braids.


The best hair extensions for bohemian goddess box braids are synthetic fibers like kanekalon or high-quality human Hair like Remy or Virgin.

Synthetic Hair is affordable and mimics texture well, while human hair blends and lasts better.

Carefully consider manageability, cost, and style goals when choosing Hair to achieve your ideal boho braided look.

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