40 Authentic Coi Leray Braids hairstyles| 2023

Coi Leray’s signature braided hairstyles with elegantly curled ends have become a popular request among fans. This guide will explore some of the best cutlery hairstyles with curly ends.

What are Coi Leray Braids?

The coi leray braids are a simple example of jumbo knotless braids with curly ends. Coi Leray braids refer to the unique braided hairstyles often worn by rapper and singer Coi Leray.

Typically quite long and intricate, Coi Leray’s braids are most known for having beautifully curled ends that gracefully frame her face.

Her braided styles stand out for their eye-catching shapes and designs, whether incorporating heart shapes, zig-zags, or asymmetry.

Fans love recreating her iconic braided looks that have become a signature style for the artist.

How To Do Coi Leray Braids?

  1. Start with clean, dry hair. Apply a moisturizing hair cream and heat protectant before braiding.
  2. Create a side part and separate the hair into sections. Take thin sub-sections for braiding.
  3. Begin braiding downwards in your desired pattern (such as a straight back or zig-zag shape). Incorporate more hair as you braid to maintain tension.
  4. As you approach the ends, twist and curl them around your finger to achieve Coi Leray’s signature curly ends.
  5. Once the braided style is complete, dip the ends of the braids into boiling water to set the curls and shape.
  6. Let the braids completely dry and cool before removing the curlers/rods. Fluff out the curls with your fingers for volume.
  7. Secure the braided style by tying a headscarf at night. Apply hair spray for hold and sheen serum for extra shine and moisture.

How To Do Coi Leray Braids on Yourself

Before installing your Coi Leray-inspired braids, thoroughly shampoo, condition, and detangle your hair, and ensure strands are moisturized and knot-free to prevent breakage during braiding.

Blow dry hair straight or let air dry completely. Apply a heat protectant and light styling cream to help smooth flyaways.

Sectioning Your Hair Properly

Part clean sections start at the top of one ear and move across to the other. Make a horizontal part from the temple to the temple above the ears as you start the braiding section.

Take the time to section hair neatly, leading to a clean final look.

Mastering the Intricate Braiding Technique

Begin braiding downward in the sectioned hair, taking slim pieces to keep braids tight to the scalp. Incorporate more hair as you continue braiding back to maintain tension.

Form artistic shapes with braids, from straight lines to zig-zags and curves.

Creating the Curled Ends

As braids approach the ends, twist hair strands around two fingers into spiral curls, securing them with rods. Dip rodded ends in near-boiling water to set the curled shape.

Finishing, Drying, and Maintaining

Let braids fully dry and cool before removing rods and gently separating curls with fingers. Tie hair nightly, moisturize, and use finishing sprays for sheen. Your hand-crafted Coi Leray braids are complete!

Five Cute-looking Coi Leray braids for kids

1. Front and Back with Curly End

Coi Leray Braids

On the right side, three braid lines with curly ends are prepared; on the back side, another braid line with curly ends is prepared. This hairstyle looks beautiful on this child.

2. Double-Sided Braids with Curly Ends

Coi Leray Braids

The braids are adjusted on a double-sided high bun and are curled on the ends. Each bun features a double yellow ribbon, which makes this hairstyle stand out. 

3. Classic Braids with Golden curls

Coi Leray Braids

The classic braid style gets an elevated look with elegant golden curls. Start with cornrow braids all across the head, curving behind the ears. Keep braids flat and interlaced closely together.

4. One Side Braids with Beads

Coi Leray Braids

A chic, asymmetrical braided look featuring colorful hair beads is always a glam choice. Part your hair deep to one side.

Begin Dutch braiding, starting midway on the heavier side, adding beads onto the hair as you intertwine the strands.

5. Normal Braids with Curly Ends

Coi Leray Braids

For Coi Leray-esque braids with a twist, normal box braids receive flowing curly ends. Complete slender box braids first on freshly washed and deep-conditioned hair.

Five Beautiful Coi Leray Braids for Short Hair

1. Stretched Curl

Coi Leray Braids

This lady makes all his hair in stretched curl form in two ways: One-sided curls and the other moving on different sides to make a catchy stretched look.

2. Small Ponytai Braids

Coi Leray braids short

You can make a braid ponytail with short hair like in this picture. The pony is short, But the loose curls are attractive.

3. Dark Braids with Sky Blue Highlights

Coi Leray braids short

Short box braids transition into an electric sky-blue ombre at the tips for a vivid pop of color. It would beautifully stand out against darker hair hues.

4. Sunny Glowing Braids

Coi Leray braids short

Buttery blonde waist-length box braids exude bright, summery radiance reminiscent of the shining sun. Golden blonde hue would glow beautifully against warmer skin tones.

5. Short Stretched Braids

Coi Leray braids short

Shoulder-grazing braids feature hair gently wrapped around short perm rods and then pulled taut for a kinky, straight texture, stretching out the crimped pattern. Maintains volume at shorter lengths.

10 Eye-Catching Coi Leray braids Hairstyles for medium Hair

1. Braids with Purple Magical Curls

Coi Leray braids medium

This fun and funky hairstyle features medium box braids interwoven with vibrant purple curls.

The braids provide a neat, orderly base, while the lively purple ringlets add a magical, whimsical touch

2. High Bun with Curly End

Coi Leray Braids

High bun with curly end Sleek, tight braids are wrapped intricately into a flawless top knot bun, leaving out face-framing tendrils that incorporate voluminous curls for a feminine touch to the elegant updo.

3. Copper Braids with Beads Highlights

Coi Leray Braids

Copper braids with beads highlight Warm shimmering copper box braids that feature delicate gold beaded accents woven throughout for a luxurious contrast and artful sparkle. The metal beads are thoughtfully placed so as not to weigh hair down.

4. Highlighted Beads with Bun and Curl

Coi Leray Braids

Highlighted beads with bun and curl Bright beads matching the color of loose ringlet curls are woven into a neatly pinned updo in stunning contrast to dark braided roots.

5. Black Braids with Copper Highlighted

Coi Leray Braids

Jet black braids at the root fade into sweepingly blended copper at the tips for a bold, dimensional look with rich color melt.

6. Shiny Braids with Curls

Coi Leray Braids

Using many conditioning products keeps the hair supple and visually striking as it flows into springy, defined ringlets at the ends for bounce and movement.

7. Simple Braids with Curls

Coi Leray Braids

Simple braids and loose curls Easy, straightforward braids sans embellishment let the effortless charm of the style speak for itself before giving way to loose, relaxed curls at the tips.

Achieve the spirals by braiding hair, then unraveling it into waves.

8. Golden with Creamy Braids and Curls

coi leray braids

Golden with yellowish braids and curls Warm golden blonde box braids transition into buttery blonde barrel curls, exuding brightness reminiscent of sunshine. The coordinating shades of yellow-toned hair are lively and cheerful.

9. Brown Braids with Wearing Glasses

Coi Leray braids medium

This practical yet stylish look pairs brown braided hair with eyeglasses. The long, neat braids provide a no-fuss base that keeps the hair secured, allowing the focus to shift to the fashionable glasses.

10. Coi Leray Braids with Adding Eyebrow

Coi Leray braids medium

This eye-catching hairstyle pairs sleek, tight, coi leray braids with stylishly shaped eyebrows. The long, flowing braids create a smooth frame for the face, allowing the fierce brows to take centerstage.

Ten inspirational Coi Leray Braids Hairstyles For Long Hair

1. Braids with Attractive Nails

coi leray braids

Make a fashion statement by designing intricate nail art featuring lines and shapes matching triangular box braids’ detailed patterns. The immaculate presentation shows creative care.

2. Knotless Braids with Stretched Curls

coi leray braids

Knotless braids promote comfortable, carefree wear through their seamless installation without left-out hair being re-braided.

3. Braids with Long, Loose Curls

long coi leray braids

Long, waist-grazing goddess braids transition fluidly into elongated loose curls with loads of bounce and definition. The longer lengths let gravity enhance the swing in the curl.

4. Brown Braids with Curly End

long coi leray braids

Rich chocolate brown box braids flow down the back, ending in perfect spirals, exuding dimensional depth in the dark color while still reflecting light off the smooth curl shape.

5. Slidely Rounded Braids with Curls

Coi Leray braids long

Braids featuring a curved pattern seem to elegantly slide across the head, embracing the natural shape for a flattering, tailored impression before terminating in voluminous curls.

6. Box Type Braids with Curls

Coi Leray braids long

Classic square box braids maintain neatness through their sharply parted symmetrical lines while contradicting the softness of barrel curls underneath.

7. Braids with Straight form Curls

coi leray braids long

Straight-back cornrows provide a sleek base, while curled ends in many sizes contrast their tight uniformity against the free-flowing crimped ringlets.

8. Sided with a High Ponytail

coi leray braids long

The four single braids begin on the front side, and the others are ready to back on the ponytail.

9. X Form Braids with Curl End

coi leray braids long

Two Dutch braids cross at the crown of the head in an x-shape while leaving out deliberately placed wispy strands to frame the temples and nape before meeting springy coils.

10. Silky Braids with Earrings Highlighted

coi leray braids long

Smooth, shiny braids offer the perfect visual contrast backdrop to ornate chandelier earrings in coordinating gem hues dangling fluidly alongside the face.

Five Attractive Coi Leray braids for long hair with Beads

1. Multi-Color Braids with Beads

coi leray braids long with beads

This amazing look features braids in multiple vibrant hues interwoven with simple beads.

2. Heart Shape Braids with Beads

coi leray braids long with beads

This romantic look has braids sculpted into a heart shape and decorated with delicate beads. It’s a feminine, sweet style perfect for date night.

3. Beads with Earrings

coi leray braids long with beads

Sparkling beads woven through braids complement a shiny statement big earring. The glimmering duo makes for an elegant look with rich texture.

4. Full-Loaded Beads with Nose Pin

coi leray braids long with beads

Braids bursting with abundant beads are paired with a shiny nose pin for a lavish, ornate style. The luxury of all the beads and jewelry commands attention.

5. Standard Beads

coi leray braids long with beads

Classic braids woven with simple, standard beads emit an understated yet put-together elegance.

Five Classic Coi Leray Braids without Curls

1. Copper Braids without Curls

coi leray braids without curly ends

Long, neat copper-colored braids flow smoothly down the back, sans curls. The solid color and straight shape create a sleek look.

2. Coi Leray Braids with Top Bun

coi leray braids without curly ends

Slick coi leray braids are gathered neatly into an overhead bin for a practical style with personality.

3. Middle Braids without Curls

coi leray braids without curly ends

A trio of parallel braids begins at the middle of the scalp and travels the length of the hair without curls, resulting in a tailored, minimalist look.

4. Cobra without Curls

coi leray braids without curly ends

A Dutch braid’s intricate, rope-like shape is on full display, without curls at the ends, allowing the complex braiding detail to shine.

5. Micro Coi Leray without Curls

Micro coi leray without curls

Hundreds of tiny, tight coi, leray braids are cleanly gathered down the back in uniform rows, with no curls at the ends for a precise, orderly style.

Tips to Maintain Coi Leray Braids

Moisturize Daily

Apply a moisturizing hair lotion or braid spray every day. Focus on the braided hair and scalp to prevent dryness.

Oils like argan or coconut work well, too. Moisturized braids will stay healthy looking for longer.

Gently Wash Once Per Week

Use a mild shampoo and lightly cleanse the scalp and length of the braids. Avoid rubbing too vigorously during washing or drying.

Let the braids air dry, or gently pat them with a towel. Too much friction can cause frizz.

Sleep with a Silk Bonnet or Pillowcase

The smooth fabric will keep the braids from catching and pulling as you sleep. A bonnet will keep the whole style contained overnight.

Follow up with Your Stylist.

Most salons recommend redoing the braids or tightening around the six-week mark as the natural hair and roots grow. Book a maintenance appointment for any needed touch-ups.

Avoid too much product buildup.

Don’t apply heavy products daily; avoid oils or creams near the scalp area. Product residue along the braids can make them look dull or flaky over time.

Protect Braids with Low-Manipulation Styles.

Updos, ponytails, and unmoved braids help minimize friction that can loosen the style. The less you touch or disturb the braids, the better.

These tips will help Coi Leray’s distinctive ultra-slim braids last longer and retain their neat, put-together look. Be gentle, keep moisturized, and handle with care.


With countless ways to showcase her signature ultra-slick braids, Coi Leray repeatedly tops the trends with her creative coiffures.

From cascading ripples of micro braids to intricate updos adorned with gold beads, Leray’s ever-changing braided lewks all share a common vibe.

Each style maintains the artist’s fierce, individual flair. Blending elements of elegance, edge, precision, and boundless imagination, Leray’s braids demand attention while also driving inspiration.

Though famous for her music, her ambition undoubtedly extends to hair, chasing creativity beyond any singular look.

With such unlimited vision guiding her braiding genius, there’s no doubt Coi Leray will continue dropping jaws with 40 more show-stopping styles.

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