28 Latest Coi Leray Box Braids Hairstyles For Black Women 2023

Coi Leray’s box braid styles set major trends for black women’s hairstyles. Her designs incorporate color, jewelry, patterns, and unique elements, from long mermaid braids to short summer looks.

This article will highlight 28 of Coi’s most amazing protective style ideas – perfect inspiration for black women looking to elevate their box braids game.

15 Amazing Looking Coi Leray Braids For Black Women

Stay on trend with Coi’s hottest looks! From braids to boxes, get inspired by these fab styles sported by the rap queen herself.

1. Coi Leray Relaxed Hair

She often opts for a sleek, straight style to showcase the length and shine of her deep black locks.

Whether worn loose and flowing or incorporated into an updo, the relaxed hair look lets Leray’s colorful accessories take center stage.

2. Coi Leray Blonde & Brown

Usually keeping the colors separated on either side, this look makes a dramatic style statement.

The contrast shows off the texture of the braids while allowing her to switch up her part.

3. Coi Leray Brooklyn

Brooklyn Braid Paying homage to her hometown, the Brooklyn braid style incorporates long, thin braids for a distinctly NYC attitude.

Worn ultra-long and slender or folded into a towering wrapped braid updo, this style lets Leray rep her borough in trendsetting form.

4. Coppery Coi Leray Braids

Coppery Coi Leray Braids Warm metallic hair colors are having a major moment, and Coi Leray embraces the trend with coppery box braids.

The shiny tone looks amazing in styles like chunky, jumbo waist-length braids or a stacked updo. The color brings dimension for an eye-catching look.

5. Coi Leray High Puff Bun

When she wants maximum volume and bounce, Leray goes for puffy box braids. Keeping them at shoulder length or shorter, styles like these curly cropped braids framed with swept baby hairs have an ultra-cool, modern vibe.

6. Coi Leray Denver

This springy curled look is shorter and sassier. With a textured pixie cut shape, the Denver braids feature pretty copper coloring and are finished with symmetrical swooped baby hairs.

7. Coi Waist Lenght

Coi Waist Length Super long, thin waist-length braids demonstrate Leray’s talent for dramatic effect.

The jet-black braids feature metallic cuffs at the ends for extra bling. She often wears them in a half-up, half-down style so they cascade down her back, swishing with major hair envy potential.

8. Coi Leray Medium Braids

Medium-length braids hitting just below the shoulders make for an adaptable go-to option. This style is perfect when Leray wants to highlight fun jewelry like chain hair clips, hoops, or bead accents throughout the braids.

9. Coi Leray Long Explore

Coi Leray Long Explore Wanderlust vibes inspire these adventurous extra-long braids. They set an accurate structure of birds that looks so beautiful.

10. Copper Coi Leray Braids With Highlighted Glasses

This bold crimson shade electrifies Leray’s chunky box braids for a high-energy look. Paired with cat eye frames featuring matching red temple highlights.

The braids and glasses coordinate for maximum eye-catching impact. The flashy combo packs a stylish punch.

11. Ohio Braids with Beads

Show your Ohio pride through your hair! Red beads that pop against dark locks accented these neat, face-framing braids.

12. The Golden Blonde

Make a bold statement by lighting up like Coi. Her bright blonde box braids dazzle, especially when paired with a dark root.

13. Choco Bun Boxes with Curls

Indulge your sweet tooth craving with these chocolate-hued box braids styled into top buns with cascading curls.

14. Coi Leray Black Twist

Keep it classic with Leray’s go-to black twists. Parted down the middle, they frame her face before twisting past her shoulders.

15. Dimm Brown Braids

Take bronzed beauty to new heights with these dimensional brown braids. Subtle caramel highlights make the color pop and flatter all skin tones.

13 Pretty Looking Coi Leray Jumbo Box Braids For Black Women

1. Coi Jumbo With Curls

Embrace a fusion of elegance and trend with Jumbo Box Braids adorned with curls, showcasing a unique, playful style that radiates confidence.

2. Coi Leray Orlando

Channel Coi Leray’s bold and vibrant spirit with Orlando-inspired Jumbo Box Braids makes a statement with eye-catching colors and intricate patterns.

3. Coi Leray Knotless Braids

Opt for a chic and comfortable look with Knotless Jumbo Braids, combining the aesthetic appeal of Coi Leray with the ease of a knotless technique for a stylish yet low-maintenance hairstyle.

4. Jumbo Protective

Achieve a protective and glamorous style with Jumbo Box Braids that enhance your beauty and safeguard your natural hair, offering a stunning blend of practicality and fashion.

5. Jumbo Braids with Pretty Beads

Elevate your Jumbo Braids with glamour by incorporating pretty beads, adding a beautiful and personalized element to your hairstyle that mirrors the vibrancy of Coi Leray’s bold fashion choices.

6. Jumbo with Soft Curls

Unveil a captivating blend of sophistication and charm with Jumbo Box Braids delicately embellished with soft curls.

This style exudes a romantic and feminine allure, allowing you to express your individuality gracefully.

7. Cuty Brown Jumbo Braids

This trendy and earthy choice complements your natural beauty and showcases a contemporary twist on the classic Jumbo Braids.

8.  Coi Leray Crochet Braids

Embrace the ease and versatility of Coi Leray-inspired Crochet Braids, a chic and modern adaptation of the traditional Jumbo Braids.

This style effortlessly blends fashion-forward trends with Coi Leray’s signature flair.

9. Coi Leary Braided Curl

Step into a world of glamour and sophistication with Coi Leray Braided Curl Jumbo Braids.

This fusion of braids and curls creates a dynamic and eye-catching hairstyle that mirrors the artist’s bold and distinctive style.

10. Coi Leray Justice Braids

These Jumbo Braids not only exude strength and resilience but also showcase a striking aesthetic that commands attention and respect.

11. Long Jumbo Braids with Curls

This style offers a timeless elegance, providing a versatile and chic look suitable for various occasions.

12. Jumbo With Some Highlighted

This style adds depth and dimension to your braids, creating a dynamic and eye-catching effect that beautifully complements your style.

13. Jumbo With Mask

This innovative twist not only showcases creativity but also emphasizes the importance of safety without compromising on style.

The braids become a bold accessory, enhancing your look with a touch of Coi Leray’s signature edge while prioritizing health-conscious choices.


The 30 Latest”Coi Leray Box Braids Hairstyles for Black Women exemplify”a dynamic blend of tradition and contemporary style.

From elegant Long Jumbo Braids with Curls to the bold statement of Justice Braids, each hairstyle reflects individuality and celebrates the diverse beauty of Black women.

Coi Leray’s infLeray’sis is evident, turning these box braids into powerful expressions of identity and confidence, redefining beauty with authenticity.

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