31 Loving Coi Leray Braids With Heart Hairstyles For Black Women – 2023

Coi Leray’s iconic braids featuring heart-shaped motifs have taken the world of hairstyles by storm.

The fusion of chic aesthetics and individuality makes these braids visually striking and a definitive fashion statement.

Embodying a perfect blend of style and charisma, Coi Leray’s heart hairstyles have become a symbol of contemporary trendiness and self-expression.

Five Attractive Coi Leray Braids with Heart For Long Hair

1. Coi Leray with Heart Long Pretty

Two long, sleek heart braids are down, and one forehead heart braids are designed to go from front to back with braids.

2. Coi Leray with Side Heart and Bead

Intricate micro-braids dotted with gold beads swoop across the side, culminating in a standout beaded heart sitting right above the ear.

3. Side Heart with Curly Ends

Short curly hair with a shaped heart accent. Choppy layers cut to chin length show off fabulous spiralled texture and movement.

4. Braids with Heart and Loose Pony

Two chunky plaits embroidered with beads are worked across the crown from a deep side part, converging at the nape and continuing into a wavy low pony.

The ends are left loose for a relaxed vibe. A dazzling oversized heart charm dangles from the hair tie.

5. Side Hearts with Long Braids Style

Showstopping extra-long box braids ornamented with ruby red hearts. Parted deeply from an exaggerated side swoop, waist-length plaits flow over one shoulder.

Five Beautiful Coi Leray Braids with Heart Curly Ends

1. Side Heart with Super Knotless Style

Extra long ultra-smooth plaits start neatly at the part, then flare widely through the lengths in a perfect tagliatelle shape.

A cute fabric heart is pinned just above the ear, complementing the dramatic silhouette with a playful touch.

2. Long Braids with Side Hearts and Curls

Jet black plaits flow straight and narrow until hitting curling iron-waved bottoms for gorgeous movement contrast.

3. Hearts Combo and Curls

Many Heart braids are pinned on the central skull, and the sides are full of braids and curls.

4. Black-Sided Heart with Red Highlight:

The nape and sides are shaved smooth, while the longer fringe sweeps dramatically from a deep side part.

The fringe is subtly highlighted red, then gathered high and pinned into the shape of an arty anatomical heart, pumping creative edge.

5. Left Heart with Knotless Braids

Super smooth rounded plaits begin neatly to the head before fanning widely through the lengths.

An abstract heart-shaped cuff wraps around the first plait next to the temple for a luminous style.

Five Cute-Looking Coi Leray Heart Braids for Kids

1. Fishtail Braids with Beads

The braids start high at the crown and fall loosely over the shoulders, showing off the intricate herringbone weave pattern. White round beads are woven into the braids for a decorative touch.

2. Two Sided Hearts

The black braids are intricately plaited neat and tight to the scalp, then worked into a curved heart silhouette above each ear for an artsy yet edgy style.

3. Sided Hearts with Box Braids:

The Extra long rounded plaits flow in a stacked shape with lightly frayed ends for texture and movement. Red beaded fabric hearts are pinned above the ears, adding cute ornamentation.

4. Sided Hearts with Dookie Braids:

The short, blunt-cut braids start uniformly at the roots for an orderly stacked arrangement across the head.

Colourful enamel heart charms adorn plaits by the temples for quirky embellishment.

5. From Left Hearts to Right Braids with Beads

The only middle-size hearts are placed on the left side, and the other braids are set roundly to the right, a little bit of a high bun with beads.

Five Inspirational Coi Leray Braids with Heart for Short Hair

1. Three Line Braids with Short Pony

Three neat diagonal Dutch braids converge at the nape into a cute curled ponytail for a playful look.

The precise plaits create clean parted lines through the crown while the springy pony shows pretty texture.

2. Braids with Small Hearts

The cornrow braids start broad and then taper through the lengths, but the two braids are covered with hearts.

3. Left Heart Braids with Pony Style and Curls

The braided Heart peaks high above the temple with a few softly curled strands left free beneath it for contrast. The rest of the hair is secured in a wavy ponytail with loose spirals.

4. From the Back Braids with Hearts

Small fabric heart bows trim the ends of each braid, centred just below the crown, for added playfulness.

5. Central Braids with Curly End

This design is most favourable because it designs only one big heart braid in the middle of the skulls. The front side feels like Dutch braids, but all braids end with a curl type.

3 Pretty Coi Leray Braids with a Heart for the Front and Back Look

1. Sided Hearts with Black and Brown Braids

A sharply angled side part sets the foundation, with thin braids and thicker locs cascading past the shoulders from a stacked silhouette at the crown.

Scattered randomly throughout are fabric hearts in red, pink, and purple shades clipped to the plaits for pops of colour.

2. Copper Rose Heart and Knotless Braids

The plates start neat and tight to the head, then widen through the length for a perfectly tapered shape.

It has a medium, pretty heart style on the top of the ear, and on the back side, they show small box braids; on the right downside, one portion is covered with heart braids.

3. Black Heart with Burgundy Braids and Curls

Silky black box braids flow loosely down the back in staggered lengths, getting gradually lighter through vibrant reddish-purple ombre tips.

The front is softly curled, then artfully crisscrossed, and tucked into a flirty side fringe accented with a dazzling black heart barrette.

5 Love Meaning Coi Leray braids with Heart From the Back

1. Spiral Crown Cornrows with Natural Waves

This elegant hairstyle features cornrows that are masterfully braided in a spiral pattern around the head, creating a crown-like effect.

The cornrows start with small, tight spirals at the front that gradually become larger and more pronounced as they move towards the back of the head.

The hair outside the braided pattern is left in its natural, wavy texture, giving the style a soft, feminine look.

2. Luxury style hearts with short pony braids

A gorgeous diamond-encrusted heart hairpiece crowns neat chin-length box braids gathered into a chic high ponytail.

The braids start uniform and blunt at the roots with subtle blonde ombre tips for luminous contrast.

A glimmering silver barrette in an abstract heart shape covered in shimmering pave stones sits like a glittering crown atop the sleek ponytail.

3. Swirl Pattern Cornrows with Side Braid

This creative hairstyle features expertly designed cornrows in a swirl pattern, emanating from the side of the head and wrapping around to create an intricate and mesmerizing design.

The thick side braid from the swirled cornrows adds a dramatic contrast in texture and size, providing a focal point that draws the eye.

This style combines the traditional art of cornrow braiding with a contemporary twist. It is perfect for those looking to make a bold fashion statement while honouring a classic braiding technique. It’s a versatile look worn to the gym or for a special occasion.

4. Vibrant Green Cornrows with Jumbo Braids

This hairstyle is a striking statement piece featuring bold cornrows dyed in a vibrant shade of green.

The braids are styled in a side-swept pattern, with some cornrows creating a curved design on the scalp.

The contrast of the green against the natural hair colour adds a unique and eye-catching effect.

5. Elegant Loop Cornrows with Long Braids

The braids are tightly woven near the scalp and extend into long, flowing braids that reach down the back.

This style is an embodiment of artistic expression through hair, offering a look that is both striking and refined.

It is ideal for someone seeking a bold yet elegant braided style that makes a statement.

3 Eye-Catcathing Coi Leray braids with a Heart for Long Hair With Beads

1. Butterfly Accented Wavy Crochet Braids

This hairstyle is a beautiful blend of artistry and whimsy, featuring wavy crochet braids that fall luxuriously over the shoulders.

The focal point is the creatively designed cornrows on the scalp, which spiral inward in a circular pattern reminiscent of a blossoming flower.

Delicate butterfly clips in various shades of pink and blue are interspersed throughout the braids, adding a playful and colourful touch to the overall style.

These accessories enhance the visual appeal and infuse the look with a sense of lightness and fantasy.

It’s a perfect hairstyle for someone looking to express their love for nature and playful fashion.

2. Heart-shaped cornrows with Purple Highlights

This striking hairstyle showcases a set of cornrows artfully arranged into a heart shape at the side of the head.

The braids are accentuated with vivid purple highlights, which bring a vibrant contrast to the natural hair colour.

Additional flair is provided by the silver heart-shaped hair jewellery and the matching purple beads at the ends of the braids.

The rest of the hair is left in its natural, curly state, creating a beautiful texture contrast with the sleekness of the braids.

This hairstyle is a stylish expression of individuality and creativity, perfect for those who love to add a pop of colour and artistic design to their look.

3. Beaded Cornrows in a Heart Design

This hairstyle features intricately braided cornrows that form an elegant heart shape at the crown of the head.

The braids cascade down in smooth, even lines and are adorned with beads at the ends, adding a touch of decorative detail.

The beads vary in colour, complementing the deep brown hue of the braids. This style showcases the braider’s thematic design skill and reflects a cultural appreciation for braided hairstyles.


Coi Leray’s signature braids with heart motifs showcase her creativity and self-expression. From long, flowing ponytails to short, textured pixie cuts, her iconic styles feature colourful hearts woven into plaits or sculpted out of cornrows.

These inspired designs blend edgy flair with feminine charm across various lengths. More than just a trend, her heart-adorned braids have become a versatile staple hairstyle, celebrating cultural appreciation and individuality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who made box braids famous?

Box braids originated in Africa and have been worn by people of colour for centuries. Celebrities like Janet Jackson, Alicia Keys, and Zendaya have helped popularize them in mainstream media.

What are peekaboo braids?

Peekaboo braids feature braided hair woven underneath longer top layers, so the braids peek through subtly as an unexpected detail.

Who does Zendaya’s braids?

Zendaya has worked with many celebrity hairstylists who create her iconic braided looks, including Kim Kimble, Larry Sims, and Ursula Stephen.

Who wore braids first?

Braided hairstyles originate from Black culture and have been worn for thousands of years in many African civilizations.

Who wore braided hair first?

Braids have been found depicted in ancient Egyptian artwork dating back 5,000 years, suggesting they are one of the oldest documented hairstyles.

Did Zendaya get dreadlocks?

Yes, Zendaya has worn box dreadlocks extensions and styles where her owner has been twisted into temporary dreadlocks for events.

What is Zendaya’s real hair type?

Zendaya has naturally curly hair with a coil-shaped curl pattern that is often classified as type 3c hair.

Did Zendaya have dreadlocks?

Yes, Zendaya has worn her hair in faux dreadlocks made from extensions and temporary styles where her natural curls have been twisted into dreadlocked looks.

What hair type is Zendaya?

Zendaya’s natural curl pattern is type 3c hair – tight spiral curls with a springy coil shape.

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